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How do payments work?

Most of our spaces require a deposit equal to one months' rent in order to secure your chosen parking space. This is taken at the time you place your booking. The deposit is fully refundable at the end of your booking as long as all access equipment is returned to the Space Provider on booking completion. Your first month's rent will then be taken on the first day of your rental, and will continue to be taken on the same day each month until you hand in 30 days cancellation notice.

What if I no longer require the parking space

30 day's cancellation notice is required to terminate a booking. To hand in your notice, please email detailing your booking

How do I access the parking space and collect access equipment?

Upon booking completion you'll be provided with the contact details of the Space Provider to contact and arrange access of the parking space with.

How do I renew my booking?

You don't need to renew your booking at all! All our bookings are set up on on a rolling monthly basis, and automatically renew each month until we receive notice.

Are there any additional fees for my booking?

The advertised price shown on the parking space is what you will pay, there are no additional fees or charges.

How do I get my deposit back?

After your booking has ended and all access equipment has been returned (if applicable), please email and we'll just confirm that the Space Provider has received all access equipment in full working order then refund the deposit to you.

Do I still pay for the space if I'm on holiday?

Yes like any other type rental you still have to pay for the space even if you're not using it.

Space Owners

How do I list my space?

Listing your parking space with Place2Park is really easy, and it only takes a few minutes. Click here then fill out the details on your space. Remember, the more information you include the more interest you will generate from drivers searching for a place to park in your area.

How much does it cost to list my space?

It’s completely free to sign up and list your space with Place2Park, and it always will be! You set your listing price per month then a commission is added on top of this which is paid by the driver.This commission works out at 15% of the price paid by the driver.

How do I get my space rented out quickly?

The listings that get booked out the fastest are always the listings that include the most information and are priced competitively for the area.

Is renting my space allowed?

Absolutely, yes. Back in 2013 The Government publicly endorsed and recommended renting out private driveways and parking spaces, stating that; "Councils should be welcoming common sense ways that help hard-working people park easier and cheaply and for families to make some spare cash."

Will I need to pay tax on any income I receive?

This is something you will need to seek professional advice on from an accountant or a tax adviser as the answer is likely to depend on your personal tax circumstances.

How and when do I get paid?

All our rental payments are paid on the last business day of the month. For example, rent for completed bookings in March will be paid on the last business day in March Please note payments may appear on your statement on the first business day of the following month as there can be a short delay with funds appearing in your account from your bank. Payments will be made by bank transfer to your nominated bank account which you will supply details of in response to your Booking Confirmation.

Can I rent out multiple spaces?

Yes, you can! And depending on the number of spaces you have Place2Park may be able to offer you a bespoke management solution. Just email us at to further discuss.

I haven't received my payment

All our rental payments are paid on the last business day of the month. For example, rent for completed bookings in March will be paid on the last business day in March. * Please wait until the end of the first business day of the following month as there can be a short delay with funds appearing in your account from your bank.

How do I disable my listing?

If you can’t offer your space anymore you can easily disable the space by logging in to your account and clicking 'Disable' on the listing you want to deactivate. Please note that this only removes your listing from Place2Park searches, it doesn't deactivate your Place2Park account.

General Questions

How do I reset my account password?

You can easily reset your Place2Park account password, simply click here and enter your email address your account is associated with.You will be sent instructions to reset your password.

I'm having problems receiving Place2Park email notifications

Some email filters can unfortunately be extremely aggressive with filtering emails into alternate folders other than your inbox.Please be sure to check your junk or spam folder for any missing emails. To prevent Place2Park emails going into the wrong folder, please add ‘’ and ‘’ to your mailing list and mark as not spam or junk for the future.

How do I create an account?

To create a Place2Park account you must either book a place to park or list a space as a space provider, when doing so you will create an account as part of the process.

Does Place2Park provide a contract for me to sign?

There is no paper contract to sign. When you list a place to park on our website you agree to terms and conditions. The same goes for when you make a booking through Place2Park, there's no contract to sign but you agree to the policies and procedures laid out in the booking terms and conditions.

I've seen a parking space I am interested in, can I just turn up and start using it?

No, that is not how the booking of a parking space works. You must first book the space by following our online booking process for your space to be registered or the relevant people informed of your start date.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Can I set my own price on an electric vehicle charger listing?

Yes! We appreciate that our electrified space owners have different energy costs and are based in different areas with high or lower demand. When listing your space and charger, you can choose to use the automated pricing or click to set your own.

Will I have to ask drivers for payments?

No. We take care of all of that. The driver that books pays for both parking and charging through Place2Park, and we then simply pass on your earnings.

What sort of electric vehicle charger do I need?

You can list a Type 1, Type 2, or even a standard outdoor mains plug-in charger. Just be sure to include this information in your space description so we can be sure to only send you bookings from people with the right type of vehicle.

How much will I earn?

We have some space providers that earn as much as £4000 per year. What you’ll earn will depend on where your space is located and how much demand there is. But as we move to a more electrified world, we can only see that demand is increasing, so it's an exciting time to list your space & charger with Place2Park.

How does it work once someone books my charger and space?

You don’t need to be at home or stay in waiting for drivers unless you need to provide them with a key fob or permit to access your space for the first time. Just be sure to give clear instructions on how to find your space when listing.